A complete editor to

Louis Emulator

Remote Editions

Make edits remotely anytime and wherever you are. With cPlex you will have several functions in the palm of your hand to help you in the administration of your Louis Emulator-based server.

Responsive and Adapted

Use cPlex from any device. Be it a smartphone, notebook or tablet, the usage experience is the same, making you not stuck with the need to always be at a computer to make edits.

Periodic Updates

Receive new updates periodically and at no cost applied directly to your use of cPlex. The cPlex development team works constantly to bring news, adjustments, corrections and improvements.

Use Remotely

cPlex can work from anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet. So you are even more independent of having to have a computer or notebook next to you to perform actions on your SQL.

What I have as

Available Functions?

Account Editions

Create, edit, delete, change id, lock, unlock, generate coin prizes and more!

Character Editions

Create, edit, delete, move to another account, change the name, block/desblock and more!

Ranking Editions

Import custom rankings, generate awards, list results, manipulate rankings and more!

Data Analítics

Generate reports about your database, analyze the registration or character creation flow, most used classes and much more!

Cron Jobs

Create or manage scheduled tasks to perform actions in your sql, create custom awards and much more!

User Panel

Several exclusive functions under user access from your server with full control of the administrative part

Know the

Frequently Questions

After purchasing how will I use?

After the first payment referring to the cPlex license order, the system will create and forward a license key to your email for you to use when creating your account on the cPlex panel.

After creating the account, can I synchronize another SQL?

Yes! You can change the connection path of the cPlex to another SQL by performing the SQL repair process, which is a feature made available to anyone who wants to point the operation of cPlex to another remote SQL.

Will I have to install cPlex?

No! You will receive the right to the platform, according to the mode of your license: rented or owned. No file is forwarded. You will simply receive the license key to use the platform.

Where is cPlex hosted?

cPlex is an online panel, so it is hosted and managed under the care of ATS Host with full development by the ATS Host development team.

cPlex Security Environment

cPlex is a highly secure structure! Following all PHP 7.4 PSR, request validations, JWT, CSRF methods and encryptions.

Interface of Use

The main proposal of cPlex is to offer the user a powerful tool for manipulating their SQL remotely, guaranteeing access to functions previously unknown or little explored so that they have greater control of their database in general, preserving the “remote”, that is: being able to use the system from anywhere.

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